Orizontas Hotel


An organized beach providing many sea-sport activities (parachute drops, kite- surfing, sailing).

The beach is accessible by car and boat. The waters are calm, while the prevailing wind is mild. You can find taverns, cafe-bar, beach bars, as well as super markets for your everyday needs.

The surrounding area is ideal for strolling, jogging as well as biking.

In the vicinity of the hotel our visitors can explore many majestic beaches some of them are the ones mentioned below

Vrahos-Loutsa beach

Kanali Beach

Monolithi beach

Alonaki beach

Dolphins of Amvrakikos

Take advantage of the opportunity to get really close to the playful dolphins of Amvrakikos bay and explore up close a unique landscape brimming with life.


Apart from the summer activities offered by the area of the Ionian Sea, it is possible for those who want to explore the region's history, visit some of the many attractions that travel time from antiquity to today.


A wonderful and cosmopolitan city, with obvious island influences, that is guaranteed to charm its visitors. Preveza is the ideal destination for romance, as well as families. The options for entertainment are endless, including many taverns, restaurants and bars, where you will be able to taste the traditional cuisine and spend nights which you will always remember. The city has the potential to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding visitors. One of the main events that occurs in late August each year is the sardine festival, a chance for everyone to enjoy barbequed Amvrakikos sardines, plenty of wine and of course lots of singing and dancing.


Nicopolis (in Greek the city of victory) was built by emperor Octavian, in order to commemorate the victory of the roman fleet against the joint fleets of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, in the battle of Actium in 31 B.C. It is the largest ancient city found in Greece and it was known to host more than 150.000 residents when it was founded.

Acheron oracle of the dead

The most famous nekromanteion, or oracle of the dead, of the ancient Greek world lies near the village of Mesopotamos and was known to be the place where the dead began their descent to Hades (Underworld). It attracted people wishing to meet the souls of the dead, as these were able to foresee the future after having left their body. Visit the site where Ulysses took advice for his impending return to Ithaka after the Trojan war and where Hercules descended into the Underworld to find the three-headed dog Cerberus in order to complete one of his famous twelve quests

Acheron springs

Near the springs of the famous river Acheron, located in the vicinity of the village Gliki, you can enjoy rafting, canoe-kayak and horseback riding. Alternatively if you are not much of a sports fan you can enjoy good food and coffee adjacent to the rivers crystal clear waters. Enter the “river of the dead” and travel back in time, to the time of ancient Greece and its superstitious beliefs and become a part of the rivers eternal history.

Kassopi ancient city

Kassopi was an ancient city built during mid 4th century BC (340BC) in a naturally fortified area, at an altitude of 550-650m, on the slopes of mount Zaloggo, in order to protect the settlers of the plains which extended on the southern slopes of the mountain. It met its greatest peak during th 3rd century BC when large public buildings and houses were constructed


Zaloggo is a steep slope, in the village Kamarina, where in 1803 after the surrender of the brave Souliotes, Greek rebels, with the Turks, the women of Souli threw themselves and their children, to flee the Turkish abuse. In this landmark you can find the monument built to commemorate this heroic act